Social responsibility

Social responsibility


The first: We insist on sustainable development.

The environmental protection

Environment, which is home to the survival of mankind. To protect the environment is to protect human himself. Environment is a scarce resource, The ecology is the most precious wealth. As a responsible company, we pledged solemnly that " We will invest all about environmental protection if needed, also We don't do anything about polluting the environment. We always implement the whole process from production to consumption in the cleaning management and strive to do the green low-carbon guide. The company introduced wastewater waste gas treatment device, solid waste treatment plant. We will do practical action to practice national sustainable development of strategy policy.

The occupational health

We carry out some related regulations of the "law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases and so on, which perfect the occupational health management system and perfect the management mechanism. It is suggested to prevention gradually and improve management mode continuously, then we can improve the working environment and site conditions.

Production safety

Security responsibility is more important than mount tai, as a responsible enterprise, It is also the goal of our efforts to ensure security and stability of production. We firmly establish a "safety above all, life is most precious", implement the profits, production, schedule earnestly, cost "to" health, safety, environmental protection .(HSE) work requirements, and we try our best to build intrinsically safe enterprise, provide powerful guarantee for building a world-class company.

We established a set cover the whole process of production the HSE management system. Adhere to the principle of "the man who supervises, then who is in charge ", " A job has a lot of responsibilities",we perfect HSE responsibility system. We will strengthen supervision and inspection and strict control accident accountability system. Also we organize HSE inspection, special inspection and daily supervision.

Second: to the society

At the same time of development, we don't forget to give back to society, with the leading of the chairman and the board of directors,we join economic development zone of Puyang city charity federation and become a member, attended many activities charity contribution and render dedicate a for the society.