Paint Conference

Paint Conference | President of the FutureDevelopment said the paint industry should fully complete the goals of the 13thFive-Year Plan

From April 9th to 10th, the webcast of the 2020 ChinaInternational Coatings Conference, which attracted the attention of the industry, was grandly held. Thisconference is the first time since Yangzhou in 2018 and Puyang successfullyheld two paint conferences in 2019. While fighting against the epidemic, wewill meet you for the first time online!

On the occasion of the 2020 ChinaInternational Coatings Conference, President Li Shousheng of the ChinaPetroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and President Sun Lianying of theChina Coatings Industry Association were interviewed at the conference toconduct industry development on the two topics of industry expectations andhigh-quality development, forward-looking guidance.

In an interview, Li Shousheng said that thepaint industry should fully complete the goals of the 13th Five-Year Plan, andthe green development of the paint industry should be in the forefront of theworld's paint industry in terms of process technology, quality level andeconomic benefits; Approved as a leading enterprise with internationalcompetitiveness. When referring to the expectations of the industry, he saidthat he should organize all the tasks of high-quality development of the entireindustry in 2020 with full confidence and confidence, and complete the targettasks in an all-round way; to organize the innovation and development of theentire industry, new products In the development of new technologies and newmarkets, give full play to the role of industry associations as a bridge link;to carry out solid benchmarking activities throughout the industry, and tocomprehensively enhance the status of the industry's high-quality lawdevelopment in the world's advanced level of benchmarking And level.

Sun Lianying repeatedly mentionedhigh-quality development in an interview. She said that the theme of theconference is related to high-quality development. This will be the directionof the country's vigorous advancement. It is well known that high-qualitydevelopment is inseparable from green development. Jinshan Yinshan, greendevelopment, innovation driven to promote high-quality development; talenttraining is the support of high-quality development, grasping online platformeducation in the whole industry, we and the British Coatings Associationcompiled a set of teaching materials, this set of teaching materials willenhance the talents of enterprises Quality. Standardization is very important.In 2020, we will increase the formulation of national and corporate standardsto lead the high-quality development of the industry. Another is innovation anddevelopment, which allows innovation to provide more beneficial help for ourhigh-quality development.